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Welcome to 2017: The Year of You

Members of ABC Chesapeake Shores:
It is an honor to serve as your Chair for the 2017 calendar year. This position comes with a great amount of responsibility and personal commitment as ABC is an organization that is truly rooted in what I personally believe in and what our company values. In 2017 we will tackle all that ABC has traditionally combated, while putting a renewed focus in two major arenas:
  1. Safety --- This is a cultural staple for ABC, and at the core of all of our member company’s successes. In 2017 we will reemphasize the Safety Committee, focus strongly on our STEP program, and be sure to make safety part of everything we do.
  2. Membership Engagement --- “The Year of YOU” --- It is our goal in 2017 to find out what really drives our Member Companies. Why do you participate? Why don’t you participate?  Be involved and be a part of growing this phenomenal organization.
I challenge you in 2017 to ask whether you can do more with ABC.  ABC is a great number of things to a great deal of companies….it may serve as a training arena, it may be a networking opportunity, it may be the place you garner discounts or it may even be simply the place you come to have a little fun.  I say that the greatest asset of ABC is that we are here to fight. We are here to fight for the “right to do business”. We are here to fight for any size member-company and fight hard for their rights to work, to employ, and to run a business in an ever-changing and difficult regulatory climate.

No matter what ABC means to you…remember that we are here for you! We are fighting for you and providing you with true value. This value can be exponentially increased with your full participation.  Get engaged and please remember that you will reap benefits by being involved. Things are changing and slapping our businesses in the face every day. Putting our heads down won’t make them go away…our collective voice and fight will prevail. We are the companies creating jobs and providing tax bases. With your engagement we will be the organization which drives Maryland’s economy to a better and brighter future.


Francis Hall Chaney III
Chairman ABC Chesapeake Shores Chapter
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