2018 STEP Award Winners
Gilbane Building Company
Harkins Builders, Inc.
Nickle Electrical Companies

Allan Myers 
Annapolis Exteriors 
DW Masonry 
Delaware Elevator 
Ferguson Trenching Co., Inc. 
Scaffold Resource LLC 

GOLD Level
ADEX Electrical 
Bartley Corporation 
BGC/Gardiner & Gardiner
Coakley & Williams Construction, Inc. 
FTC Aggregate Supply 
Reliable Contracting Co., Inc.
Spring Contracting
Wohlsen Construction 

Bausum & Duckett Electric LLC 
Chaney Enterprises 
CMI General Contractors Inc. 
Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.
Colonial Electric Co., Inc
David A. Bramble, Inc. 
L.R. Willson & Sons, Inc.
Lywood Electric, Inc. 
Rommel Construction, LLC 
Shapiro & Duncan 
SMI Services 
Willow Construction LLC

Every Incident is preventable. strive to be six times safer than the industry average.
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STEP to world class safety!

STEP - Merit Based Safety Recognition for the Merit Shop!

Established in 1989, the Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) program was developed and written by contractors, for contractors. There is no charge for this service (unless you are applying for STEP Diamond or Platinum, or submitting via the paper application), and your responses are strictly confidential.

STEP provides guidance for creating a better safety program. The benchmarks help you monitor and adjust your company’s efforts to build a safer work environment. Now is the perfect time to find out how your company can improve its job-site safety and its bottom line.

WHY Participate?
Every ABC member wants to send its workers home safely every night. Take the first step towards achieving world-class safety by participating in STEP, whether you are beginning your safety journey or continuing to strengthen your performance.Getting started with STEP is free, and it can help you lower your workers compensation insurance rates.

WHO Should Participate?
Commercial and industrial contractors as well as suppliers who want to make a commitment to achieving world-class safety performance.

STEP Works:
Participating companies score their level of achievement for each component on a weighted point scale and document their incident rates (TRIR and EMR). Companies receive a recognition level of Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Participant based on this data.

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Download 2019 STEP Instructions Guide


STEP 2019

How does STEP improve performance?
Check out the 2019 Safety Performance Report to see real results.

The charts and summaries in the 2019 edition present the clearest picture yet of the remarkable impact that leading indicator use has on a company’s safety performance: fewer disrupted or lost lives and a safer, more productive job-site regardless of the size of the company. In fact, companies that engage in leading indicator use are, statistically, considerably safer than their peers.

Requirements Diamond Platinum  Gold  Silver/Bronze/Participant
Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) 50% below NAICS code average* 25% below NAICS code average**  At or below NAICS code average***  N/A
Experience Modification Rate (EMR) 0.7 (0.8 < 100 employees) 0.8 (0.9 < 100 employees)  N/A  N/A
OSHA Form 300 & 300A Previous 3 years Previous year  Previous year 300A  Previous year 300A
Fatalities None resulting in OSHA citations for the last 3 years None resulting in OSHA citations for the last 3 years  N/A  N/A
20 Key Components Meets the minimum score Meets the minimum score  Meets the minimum score  Meets the minimum score
Application Fee $435 $235  $0  $0

*must be within the last 3 years; companies < 100 employees may use a 3-year average. Companies <50 employees may use a 5-year average

**must be within the last year; companies <100 employees may use a 3-year average. Companies <50 employees may use a 5-year average

*** Companies <100 employees may use