Helping Members: Win Work. Develop People. Deliver Work Safely,
Ethically and Profitably. For the Betterment of our Communities.

Business Development
Discounts & Affinity Programs
Young Professionals
Awards & Recognition
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ABC Chesapeake Shores services every county on Maryland's Eastern Shore. With such a diverse group of companies who specialize in many trades, our Eastern Shore members truly are the roots of their growing community.

Political Advocacy
State & Federal PAC
ABC Action Center
Free Enterprise Alliance
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Located in the heart of Maryland's State Capitol, Anne Arundel County is the central region of the Chapter’s membership. With the main office located in historic Downtown Annapolis, ABC Chesapeake Shores leads as one of the four chapters in the state of Maryland providing support and services to all of our members.

Craft Training
Continuing Education
Safety Training
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ABC Chesapeake Shores services all three counties within Southern Maryland. Our partnerships throughout the region enhance our ability to communicate with our members. Growing each year, our member companies strengthen the merit shop philosophy and understand the importance they bring to their community.

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